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India: BIS update – Mandatory online registration introduced

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July 30, 2014

From June 23, 2014 onward, applications for a new registration number under the India Mandatory Registration Scheme (IMRS) are required to complete an online registration with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Applications for new registrations sent directly to the BIS will not be accepted.

To complete the online registration, manufacturers should visit this website: and click on the link “Register as a Manufacturer” to create a user ID and password. Once the manufacturer’s address and contact details have been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the manufacturer to verify the email ID. The manufacturer may then log into the same website. After logging in, click “Apply for Product Registration” in the menu and fill out Form VI and Form VII and upload the required test reports and documents online.

The application will be pending until such time that payment details are uploaded to the system. The required fee can be paid by the manufacturer itself or by its agent. Access to upload payment details is by clicking the “View Application(s) pending for payment details” link after login.

Once the online registration is completed, the manufacturer should print out and sign-seal the completed Form VI and Form VII, together with other relevant documents and send them to its agent or local representative for countersigning and onward submission to BIS. These documents must reach the BIS within 15 days of completion of the online registration.

Manufacturers are responsible for submitting the online registration. Here are a few handy tips for the online application:
• Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers to use.
• Make sure all documents are ready before filling out the forms as you may be timed out.
• All files to be uploaded must be in .pdf format and the file size should be within the prescribed limit.
• When filling out the forms, click “Save as Draft” from time to time to prevent accidental data loss.

In addition to new products, if manufacturers change their products and trademarks, they are also required to complete the online registration for new registration numbers. However, this online registration does not apply to Inclusion projects.

For information, please contact [email protected]