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The Code Authority® Newsletter 2024 | Issue 1

The Code Authority® newsletter provides timely updates from UL Solutions on topics of interest to code authorities responsible for increasing the safety of the built environment. Explore this issue’s articles on news and trends that will share UL Solutions experts’ insights.

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June 17, 2024

UL Solutions is a world leader in applied safety science. We provide access to science, translating it from academic discoveries to practical advantages. As the key to a safer and more innovative world, science is pushing forward — we’ll make sure you keep up.

The Code Authority® (TCA) newsletter is developed by industry specialists who have an unbiased stance on the requirements needed to enable a safer built environment.

Modular Construction Factory-built Buildings

Modular construction has evolved from its origin in the 1920s and remains a vital and growing trend in the built environment.

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What Does It Take to Stop a Speeding Bullet?

Stopping a speeding bullet requires a mass or material that can overcome and absorb an incredible amount of kinetic energy at high velocities.

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Important New Requirements for Use of Low-GWP Refrigerants

Driven by environmental concerns, selecting refrigerants for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) systems is rapidly evolving.

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Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging Systems with Integrated ESS

As society looks to move to more sustainable transportation options, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more widely adopted. While EVs provide many benefits, there are challenges to rapid deployment.

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The Influence of Recessed Luminaires in Fire Resistive Assemblies

This article describes three different scenarios where recessed luminaires can be properly installed within a fire resistance-rated assembly in accordance with the UL Solutions designs.

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Bringing Safer Micromobility Products to Worldwide Markets

Successfully overcoming challenges of global regulatory differences for testing and certification of micromobility devices: TQ Group success story.

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Technical Evaluation Developer Program

The UL Solutions program provides a management system qualification program that provides requirements increasing the level of scrutiny for our firestopping customers for technical evaluations.

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The First Comprehensive Smart Building Assessment and Rating Program

Introducing SPIRE™, an objective and holistic resource developed by industry experts that empowers you to identify, prioritize and promote smart building performance.

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Take C.H.A.R.G.E. of Battery Safety

Educating the fire service and the public on how to prevent and mitigate fires involving lithium-ion batteries.

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UL Solutions Welcomes New Project Manager to the Codes and Regulatory Services Team

Simon Ince has joined the Codes and Regulatory Services (CARS) department at UL Solutions as a project manager.

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Bruce Johnson, managing editor

Bruce Johnson is the managing editor of The Code Authority® newsletter. For further information or questions, please contact UL Solutions.


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