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The Code Authority Newsletter 2021 | Issue 2

The TCA Newsletter provides timely updates from UL on topics of interest to code authorities responsible for ensuring the safety of the built environment.

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July 6, 2021

Electrical short circuit causing a fire on an overloaded power strip

Electrical Systems and Equipment Safety

Installing, inspecting and maintaining electrical systems and equipment correctly reduces risk and enhances safety.

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Dynamic ceiling damper by Metal-Fab Inc.

UL Updates Damper Marking and Application Guide

Learn about recent updates in the UL Dampers for Fire and Smoke Protection Marking and Application Guide.

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Close up of hail impact testing on shingles

UL and IBHS driving trust in residential roofing shingle performance

The growing partnership between UL and IBHS aims to address the increasing demand for rating the performance of roof shingles as the industry continues to improve asphalt shingle design.

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Checking HVAC Refrigerants

Improve Firefighter Safety: New UL Training on Flammable Refrigerant

UL FSRI has just released a new on-line course for al firefighters explaining the hazards associated with flammable refrigerants based on recent fire tests by UL.

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Workers discussing blueprints in an attic

Achieving Energy Efficient Residential Roofs and Ceilings in UL Fire-Rated Assemblies

Balancing fire performance and energy efficient construction in buildings can be a challenge, but it is achievable.

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Q&A: Signs Adhered to Elevator Doors

Learn how code authorities determine the acceptability of a filmed material, nonmetallic cladding, wrap or sign applied to a passenger elevator door.

Q&A: Fire Resistance-Rated Ceiling Designs Supporting Grade I Insulation Installation

Learn how to identify UL fire resistance rated roof-ceiling designs that include insulation capable of Grade I installation quality with or without netting.

Man on plane using a laptop

Fire Containment Bag Testing and Certification

Provide confidence and build trust with testing and certification for aircraft lithium-ion battery fire containment bags.

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Save the date for our virtual Building Innovation Summit 2021

Stay tuned for additional information on our Building Innovations Summit, which will be held on Aug. 31 – Sept. 2, 2021. The summit will feature informative sessions given by UL safety experts on a range of topics effecting the built environment, safety, and security. Hear what industry experts have to say about:

Enhancing safety and security in uncertain times (Aug. 31)

Innovations for a brighter tomorrow (Sept. 1)

Building strong foundations for a safer future (Sept. 2)


Managing Editor - Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson is the Managing Editor of the Code Authority Newsletter. For further information or questions, please contact UL code experts here.

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