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Programmable Logic Controllers and IEC/EN 61010-2-201

Gain an overview of programmable logic controller (PLC) requirements and the technical changes that manufacturers must address in the certification of new and modified PLCs.

Programmable logic control for control systems of industries such as power plant, chemical, oil and gas.

The widespread use of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) today supports the operation of all types of production equipment, especially equipment used in modern industrial facilities. Easily adaptable to automating a wide range of tasks, PLCs make it possible to achieve increased production efficiencies in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Numerous efforts have been undertaken over the past few years to harmonize global PLC requirements to reduce the regulatory compliance challenges that manufacturers face when seeking worldwide market access.

This UL white paper provides an overview of PLC requirements as presented in IEC 61010-2-201 and the technical changes that PLC manufacturers must address in the certification of new and modified PLC designs.

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Programmable Logic Controllers and IEC 61010-2-201

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