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Guide to Robotic Systems Safety Compliance

Many types of robots work in close proximity to people, therefore compliance with safety-hazard standards are essential. This guide provides a comprehensive dive into the certification process.

Digital generated image of yellow colored robotic arms working on car production line.

Robotic systems are an integral piece of any manufacturing process today. These systems are used within a wide range of applications to conduct different activities, increasingly autonomous and operated by machine-learning applications. These innovative technology trends pose specific risks related to safety, interoperability and security for the entire system. Whether it concerns the disruption of the operation, the communication or even a threat to human life — the risks need to be addressed early on and throughout the entire life cycle of the robotic system.

Gain peace of mind for the entire value chain of robotic systems. Starting with the right choice of components, safe daily operations, effective market access and cybersecurity ‘by-design’ — UL is your partner of choice for robotic system compliance. 

Get your benefits today and download our guide to robotic systems safety compliance.


Guide to robotic systems safety compliance

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