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PAM Agile Spice

Agile SPICE™ offers a bridge to apply agile practices in the development of mechatronic systems.

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With Agile SPICE™, intacs® developed a bridge for assessments when products must be developed in an agile manner and also achieve necessary capability levels. This process assessment model (PAM) specifies the required agile practices and, as with Automotive SPICE® itself, requirements are the focus.

Intacs®  Agile SPICE™

The assessor association, intacs®, developed Agile SPICE™ as a bridge to apply agile practices in the development of mechatronic systems. As an automotive electronics process reference model for mechatronic systems development, Agile SPICE™ encourages the use of Agile. The framework is designed as a process assessment model.


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Rationales of Agile SPICE™

Agile practices describe what is to be delivered rather than how it is to be done. In other words, the focus is on the benefits of agile practices, rather than a preference for a specific process model, and the practices support the principles of the Agile Manifesto.

Agile SPICE™ bridges existing processes from an assessment perspective. Existing process attributes and generic practices (CL 2 to 5) are retained.

Agile SPICE™ processes

  • AGL.1 – Agile Work Management
    The purpose of Agile Work Management is to collaboratively manage the work of a team (of teams) to develop iteratively within work boundaries, visions and strategic themes to generate business and customer value. Agile Work Management can bridge to the MAN.3 project management process of Automotive SPICE®.

    More on MAN.3

  • AGL.2 – Partner Collaboration Management
    The purpose of the Partner Collaboration Management process is to achieve common project goals in collaboration with a partner. Partner Collaboration Management is capable of bridging to the Supplier Management process ACQ.4 of Automotive SPICE®.

    More on ACQ.4

  • AGL.3 – Agile Quality Assurance
    The purpose of Agile Quality Assurance is to independently identify, track to closure, escalate and further prevent impediments affecting the achievement of quality objectives. Agile Quality Assurance can bridge to quality assurance process SUP.1 in Automotive SPICE®.

    More on SUP.1

Additionally, UL Solutions experts have expertise in:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Hardware engineering
  • Automotive SPICE®, the original for system and software

Our training course on Automotive SPICE® and Agile is designed to support a fundamental understanding of the application of agile practices regarding Automotive SPICE®. 



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