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Workshop on Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Invest in a training on ESG and its key reporting standards and frameworks, and how ESG relates to sustainability and climate change, and actionable steps to effectively address ESG.

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ESG investing is a widely discussed topic in sustainability circles, particularly as ESG risks gain equal footing with financial risks. ESG represents a framework for reporting the non-financial performance of companies and other entities. In recent years, ESG reporting has become one of the major factors in how companies and corporations achieve investor and public trust. Investors increasingly make decisions based on objectives for reducing risk, augmenting returns, screening out undesirable investments and generating positive sustainability impacts.

Pressure from stakeholders and investors is combining with increasing regulations to drive an ESG boom, and ESG is increasingly being integrated into enterprise value. Many international agreements and benchmarking organizations and groups are dedicated to increasing ESG action, accountability, reporting and transparency, as well as achieving the prized carbon goal of net zero emissions.

One such group, the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), encourages investment in economic activities that push toward that net zero goal — and, importantly, the alliance works against investment in environmentally unsound assets. If you do not yet know GFANZ or such initialisms as CDP, DJSI, EPRA, GRI, SASB, SDG, UNGC or WBCSD, you will become familiar with them today during our 90-minute virtual seminar.

At UL Solutions, our expertise in ESG matters and reporting helps you sort through the hundreds of emissions factors that are effectively multiplied by the many ways the factors are handled according to where you do business. We help you align your ESG strategies with both established and emerging demands — all with another prized goal in mind: long-term sustainable enterprise value.

Our ESG insights today 

  • Overview of ESG and its key reporting standards and frameworks, and how ESG relates to sustainability and climate change 
  • Review of why companies are embracing ESG, with a focusing on growing pressure from investors and other stakeholders 
  • Actionable steps to effectively address ESG 

Who should attend

Executives at all levels of:

  • ESG reporting
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Investor relations
  • Corporate affairs
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Product stewardship

Workshop agenda


  • Get to know facilitator and participants
  • About UL Solutions
  • Overview of agenda and workshop aim

Topic One: What is ESG?

  • Differentiating ESG, Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Breaking down ESG
  • Review of ESG reporting standards and frameworks

Topic Two: Why is ESG important?

  • Rising pressure from stakeholders
    • Regulatory push for ESG disclosure around the world
    • The impact of ESG ratings and rankings on a firm’s reputation
  • Tremendous growth of ESG investing
  • ESG and long-term sustainable enterprise value

Topic Three: How do companies create a robust ESG strategy?

  • Nurturing a strong corporate ESG culture
  • Embracing transparent reporting and communication
  • ESG journey: getting started and evolving over time

Topic Four: How can UL Solutions Help?

  • Expertise in ESG programs
  • ESG advisory solutions

Topic Five: Q&A, reflections and wrap-up

  • Open question and answer session
  • Where do we go from here?

*This is a paid service offering.

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