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Wireless Broadband Alliance Certification Testing

By helping you achieve the Carrier Wireless Services Certification (CWSC), we can help ensure that your customers have a seamless experience when roaming from one wireless network to another.

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Connectivity is vital to the success of smart cities. That is why 75 percent of them have plans in place to significantly increase their investments in Wi-Fi. With so many changes on the horizon, it should come as no surprise that the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), an industry group of mobile operators and equipment manufacturers, is working together to standardize public Wi-Fi connectivity.

One of their initiatives, the Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) offers a cellular-like secure Wi-Fi roaming experience. It would allow users to enter a Wi-Fi zone that they are authorized to use and be handed over to the next network without having to sign in again.

WBA is conducting NGH trials that simulate customers using carrier services in real-life scenarios, with real-life credentials and devices. In fact, they introduced the CWSC program based on these trials. We can assist WBA members with certification testing under this program.


CWSC is extremely important. Without it, you’ll be susceptible to consumer backlash by having your products not work properly at launch. Scenarios like this can cause a lot of damage to your brand — a brand that you worked hard to build.

As a fully accredited WBA test laboratory, we can help protect your brand by testing your equipment in a real multicarrier network for Wi-Fi offload and Wi-Fi roaming. We can apply our knowledge of current and future WBA developments to address any gaps in connectivity and help you implement the right solutions before your commercial release.

Why UL Solutions

At UL Solutions, we are committed to helping you navigate the newest technological advancements, which is why we are active members of the WBA working group. This gives us insider access to the latest Wi-Fi initiatives happening around the world. Having this type of access enables our team to better understand the scope and technical specs of these types of projects, which in turn, helps us get you certified. In other words, we do the hard work, so you don’t have to. That’s how we help solve your critical challenges, and that’s how we help you achieve what’s possible.


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