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Wind Turbine Power Performance Testing

Comprehensive solutions to help you test both wind turbine and wind energy plant performance.

Low angle view of turbine

Power performance testing solutions for wind energy

Testing performance is essential to ensuring that turbine and plant performance meet expectations and contractual obligations. Put simply, power performance testing is measuring wind speed, measuring a turbine’s power output, then plotting the power versus wind speed and comparing that to the warranted power curve. While the concept is simple, the actual testing requires numerous in-depth steps.

Steps and procedures in our wind turbine power performance testing

Engineering and design

  • Develop power performance measurement plan, including met mast design power performance
  • Measurement plan approval
  • Installation plan
  • Installation plan review and approval

Met instrumentation and commissioning

  • Procure and install met towers
  • Order equipment
  • Equipment lead time and assembly
  • Ship equipment to site
  • Install instrumentation
  • Commission met tower
  • Provide complete commissioning documentation

Power measurement instrumentation and commissioning

  • Order equipment
  • Equipment lead time
  • Equipment assembly
  • Ship equipment to site
  • Install power measurement equipment 
  • Commission power measurement equipment 
  • Provide complete commissioning documentation

Power performance measurement data collection, analysis and reporting

  • Collect and monitor data 
  • Analyze data 
  • Prepare final power performance test report

UL Solutions brings a flexible and communicative approach to the power performance testing effort, which has earned us a reputation of being both highly responsive and technically excellent within the field of power performance testing.


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