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Wind Turbine Electrical Characteristics Testing

Testing services to help you plan for safe grid connections and verify applicable limits of your wind turbines.

Technicians inspecting wind turbines

Testing for grid connection and limit verification

In the field of grid integration, UL Solutions carries out measurements and evaluations to determine the electrical characteristics and grid compatibility of wind turbines. The measurements are required for planning grid connections and verifying applicable limits, but they also facilitate an exact analysis of the electrical behavior of the generation units and systems, which is important for their design, development and optimization. In this connection, UL Solutions also carries out calculations of required grid capacities as well as power quality and background interference measurements.

UL Solutions tests to the following standards:

  • Technical Guidelines for Power Generating Units and Systems, Part 3 (TG3), Determination of the Electrical Characteristics of Power Generating Units and Systems, Storage Systems, as well for their Components in Medium-, High-, and Extra-High Voltage Grids, Rev. 26, Issued 05.04.2022, Publisher: FGW e.V. Association for the promotion of wind energy and other decentralized energies
  • IEC 61400-21: Wind turbines – Part 21: Measurement and assessment of power quality characteristics of grid connected wind turbines; Edition 2.0 2008-08.

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