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UL Wellness Certification

The first program to help demonstrate a product’s contribution to wellness building concepts.

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Service Overview

UL’s Wellness Certification is the first program that helps demonstrate a product’s contribution to wellness building concepts, such as Fitwel, a certification program that optimizes buildings to support health. It requires each product meets the applicable requirements listed in the Fitwel Standard and can evaluate additional criteria as requested. UL uses metrics-based assessments to evaluate products. Manufacturers receive a report, certificate and permission to use the UL Wellness Certified Mark on their products that includes a QR code linking to the manufacturer’s product page. The product is also featured in SPOT, UL’s online guide for comprehensive certified product information, including detailed information about the certification. 


Manufacturers who earn the UL Wellness Certification differentiate their products and provide validation from a trusted third party that their products support human health and well-being. In addition, Wellness Certification will help architects, designers, specifiers and building owners to easily identify products that meet the concepts of wellness in buildings. By delivering products to market that support human health and wellness, companies can also differentiate their products in the marketplace.

Why UL

UL’s Wellness Certification is the first program that helps demonstrate a product’s contribution to wellness building concepts. Our dedication to scientific leadership and objectiveness help manufacturers build trust in the marketplace. 

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