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UL ECOLOGO® Certification to UL 2854 for Renewable Energy

Signal your leadership as a provider of renewable energy with reduced environmental impact.

Solar panels outside.

While renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro and solar are hailed as better, cleaner energy sources over fossil fuels, they may have hidden negative impacts on the environment.

Fortunately, energy providers can show environmental commitment of energy generators through UL ECOLOGO Certification to UL 2854, the Standard for Sustainability for Renewable Low-Impact Electricity Products, which was developed with criteria for each of the eligible renewable energy generation types to demonstrate truly reduced environmental impact. Energy generators are evaluated for several baseline criteria, such as lower greenhouse gas emissions, limited depletion of non-renewable resources and reduced emissions. In addition, other criteria are directed toward reducing potential problematic effects associated with each individual type of energy generation, such as reduced impact on aquatic life or terrestrial ecosystems for hydro and solar power.

Providers of renewable energy can pursue ECOLOGO Certification to earn trusted, third-party certification of their environmental efforts, enabling them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Recognized by brokers and marketers of green energy as well as consumers, UL ECOLOGO Certification signals true leadership in renewable energy generation.

How it works

ECOLOGO Certification is a scientifically backed process that begins with a desktop audit, where documentation is provided and reviewed. Afterwards, an on-site audit is performed to verify that information provided in the documentation is a full and accurate representation of the processes and procedures taking place on site.

Certification maintenance

To maintain certification, UL will conduct Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) audits each year for which RECs are sold. UL also conducts a surveillance audit every three years to verify that certification criteria are being upheld. This audit is extended to four years for facilities that are ISO 14001 or ISO 9001 certified. Customers must notify UL of any changes to the product that may affect certification and require reassessment.

UL ECOLOGO Certification for renewable energy was developed in 1996. Compliant with the ISO 14024 standard, UL 2854 was updated as a global standard and is recognized and can be used to certify energy providers around the globe. There are many types of renewable energy that are eligible for this program:

UL ECOLOGO Certification to UL 2854.


  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Biogas
  • Hydro
  • Geothermal
  • Biomass

Why UL ECOLOGO Certification to UL 2854 for your renewable energy?

UL ECOLOGO has been a trusted environmental Mark for more than 30 years. The program evolved from a government oversight program in Canada into a rigorous private label program for products with reduced environmental impact. The ECOLOGO Mark signals to consumers, business buyers and government agencies that companies meet exacting environmental standards.


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