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Toy Safety Certification

The UL Toy Safety Certification Mark helps you build consumer confidence in your products with third-party assessment of their safety.

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We developed the UL Toy Safety Certification Mark as a holistic approach to test for the safety and compliance of toys. These tests include mechanical use and abuse, flammability, and chemical testing for lead and other heavy metals.

Testing for the U.S. is based on the latest ASTM F963 Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for Toy Safety. For the European Union (EU), testing is based on EN 71–1, EN 71–2, EN 71–3, EN 71–4, EN 71–5, EN 71–7, EN 71–8, EN 71–12, EN 71–13, EN 71–14 and EN 62115.

In addition to product testing, we conduct Follow-Up Services throughout the life of your certification to assess continued compliance with our requirements. You can expect to undergo inspections and Follow-Up Services at different stages in your supply chain.


The toy industry is highly regulated in order to protect the safety and health of young people. Consumers are not going to make a purchase if they are worried about the toy’s safety. With that said, you need to demonstrate a safety-first approach in your products to meet regulations and stand out from competitors. We can help you do that. Once certified, you can promote the UL Toy Safety Certification Mark on your products and packaging — giving you an edge in a competitive marketplace and enabling consumers to buy your toys with confidence.

Why UL

At UL, we are committed to helping you navigate the complex world of toy safety and compliance. Evaluating more than 97,000 products annually, we are a trusted leader in product safety. Our toy safety certification tests can help confirm that your products comply with the U.S. and EU standard consumer safety specifications. Once certified, we’ll continue to work with you to help you ensure that your product continues to meet these standards. Our Toy Safety Certification Mark can help you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by showcasing your product’s safety and build a solid foundation of trust with your customers.

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