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Stationary Generator, Turbine and Control Testing

Providing testing, performance and certification for reciprocating engine and gas turbine controls, products and components

Diesel power generators

Our generator, turbine and control testing expertise

Our wide range of services provides the recognized credentials and assurance necessary for global access, product differentiation and business success for power generation equipment.

Engine generator testing

Engine generators are the technology, products, services and infrastructure used to generate power for many applications including construction, oil and gas, commercial, industrial, standby and prime power. These products and services are critical to the proper operation of the electrical grid and distributed generation in many parts of the world. With the increased usage of engine generators around the world and the great demand for power, certification, testing, inspection and performance of engine generator equipment and installations are of great importance to the local authorities. Local authorities are concerned with the engine generator products, including portable generators, residential generators, commercial and industrial generators, relocatable generators, microturbines and gas turbines. We are accredited to provide global services for the acceptance of engine generator products and installations. This includes UL Solutions, IEC, ISO, ATEX, Hazardous Locations and regionally specific requirements.

Gas turbine testing

Gas turbine solutions provide power for many applications from oil and gas to prime municipality power. These applications require unique testing and certification criteria in order to help ensure safety and performance. With regional and global ISO, IEC and UL standards it’s important to ensure that the correct level of certification is chosen for the application. Whether it’s fuel delivery systems, ordinary locations or hazardous locations situations, we have the expertise to provide you with the certification service needed to access global markets. Considering the high levels of capital investment for gas turbine applications, it’s important that a gas turbine product has the correct level of certification in order streamline the proposal and commissioning processes.

Generator control testing

Generator controls are critical components in the generation of power, from portable generators to prime power applications. This segment covers the products, services and infrastructure associated with control of power production via an electrical generator. As the need for power increases around the world and power becomes increasingly distributed, generator control safety and performance are important for reliable power delivery. The interaction of generator controls with renewable energy sources and the interaction of these units with the local utility are increasing the level of scrutiny by local inspectors and developers.

Why UL Solutions for generator, turbine and control testing

With decades of experience with engine generators, gas turbine applications, generator controls, we are well positioned to provide the correct service for the global application and poised to provide the right service to aid in the streamlined acceptance of products and projects throughout the value chain and around the world.


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