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Retail Regulatory and Sustainability Compliance

Helping you ensure regulatory and sustainability compliance and meet retailer standards for your products.

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Helping retailers mitigate risks and meet regulatory demands for chemical-containing products

Retailers are under increasing pressure to maintain regulatory compliance for the safe handling, transport and disposal of chemical-containing products. When you take products into your facility, you assume responsibility of complex and constantly evolving regulations. In addition, you are also facing growing consumer demands for safer products, greater transparency and sustainability initiatives. Many retailers are responding to these demands by implementing chemical policies and other retail programs.

To mitigate these risks, you need critical product information from your suppliers to protect your workers, consumers and our environment. These mounting requirements are creating challenges for end-product manufacturers and their supply chains.

Our digital retail solutions facilitate secure communication between entire supply chains and retailers to gather and share critical product information needed to comply with retail regulatory and chemical policy programs.

Navigating emerging compliance regulations in the retail industry

With UL retail solutions, both retailers and suppliers benefit.

Our software solutions help you and your supply chains to analyze and share sensitive product information with the highest standards of confidentiality. Backed by a global team of science and regulatory experts, we can help you navigate the complex, ever-changing regulatory landscape and connect your supply chains to meet compliance obligations. Our solutions will:

  • Connect you with your supply chain to meet critical regulatory and sustainability compliance in a secure way
  • Provide you with insight into your supply chain, helping to mitigate the risk of fines and penalties
  • Protect supplier intellectual property and confidential business information
  • Present early insight to end-product manufacturers and suppliers as to how their products will be received from various retailers across the globe
  • Create a streamlined process to support sustainability goals
  • Allow suppliers to satisfy varying retailer requirements through one platform rather than having to communicate with individual retailers
  • Provide product information to more than 50 retailers, 105,000 stores and distribution centers while keeping intellectual property private and secure with a single product registration by manufacturer
  • Customize compliance data for you and effortlessly provide calculations to eliminate guesswork

Why UL for retail regulatory and sustainability compliance

We help more than 50 major retailers manage product, chemical and supply chain information. Our solutions help connect retailers with their supply chains to organize and derive the data required to support compliance and deliver on sustainability commitments.

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