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PureOHS - Vaccine Management System

PureOHS is the scalable, easy to implement solution for health professionals to help you better manage your employee flu fairs and vaccine programs.

Scientist working with a vaccine

Get a compliant, customizable, mobile-friendly vaccine management system with PureOHS

  • Eliminate paperwork associated with large-scale vaccination clinics.
  • Replicate nearly any paper form and sign electronically
  • Support your employee health nurses and eliminate work
  • Capture and store consent forms
  • Easy to implement, little or no IT involvement

Vaccine management and other occupational health expertise

UL Solutions’ team of occupational health experts are here to help. We will work with you to be sure you are comfortable using your PureOHS platform and that you are using the system to the fullest potential. The best thing? PureOHS is scalable. You can use one or more features in PureOHS based on your needs and expand your number of users easily. Other modules include surveillance management, case management, incident management and more.

Hundreds of companies have partnered with UL Solutions to integrate occupational health tools that become part of the organization’s health and safety culture, thus creating a continuous competitive advantage.

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Learn how to create programs to track flu compliance and track COVID-19 work status within the PureOHS™ software.

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