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Managing Flu Campaigns and Tracking COVID-19 in PureOHS

Gain insight from product expert, Melinda Ebright, on how to manage flu season, track COVID-19 work and configure PureOHS™ software.

Medical professional typing

Join our product expert, Melinda Ebright, to learn how to configure PureOHS™ software to:  

  • Create programs to track flu compliance 
  • Document flu vaccinations, declinations and flu consent forms 
  • Track COVID-19 work status

There are many moving parts to consider when tracking and documenting vaccine compliance and employee work status. Melinda Ebright provides an in-depth walkthrough of the PureOHS™ software to help you get the most out of PureOHS™.

Managing the flu

Melinda explains how you can use "events" to quickly document vaccinations. She also covers how to include links to consent forms in program notifications, allowing employees to fill out consent forms before they arrive in person. She then shows how medical staff can review previously completed consent forms or allow employees to complete them during the visit in real-time. Finally, she details several ways that you can provide proof of vaccination to employees.

Tracking COVID-19

The flexibility of PureOHS™ can accommodate a variety of vaccination protocols. Melinda also demonstrates how PureOHS™ can help you track an employee’s work status based on exposure to COVID-19. 

Compliance status at a glance

Melinda reviews the dashboard functionality, showing you how to get an overview of the compliance status of various programs. In addition to viewing compliance status, the webinar provides a walkthrough of how dashboard panels can allow users to quickly view groups of employees based on current work status. 


Melinda Ebright, Senior Product Specialist, UL

Webinar date:

Oct. 14, 2020

Watch the on-demand webinar

Learn how to create programs to track flu compliance and track COVID-19 work status within the PureOHS™ software.

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