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Managing Flu Campaigns and Tracking COVID-19 in PureOHS

Gain insight from product expert, Melinda Ebright, on how to manage flu season, track COVID-19 work and configure PureOHS™ software.

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Flu season is upon us. While COVID-19 vaccination requirements are still being determined, we will show you how PureOHS™ can be configured, based on current information. Join our product expert, Melinda Ebright, to learn how to configure PureOHS™ software to: 

  • Create programs to track flu compliance 
  • Document flu vaccinations, declinations and flu consent forms 
  • Track COVID-19 work status

Webinar date:

Oct. 14, 2020

Watch the on-demand webinar

Learn how to create programs to track flu compliance and track COVID-19 work status within the PureOHS™ software.

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