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PureOHS™ — Employee Health Tracker

An easy way to track your employees’ health and compliance status.

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UL Solutions’ PureOHS™ electronic health record software can help organizations track injuries, illnesses, compliance and more

Our PureOHS software helps streamline recordkeeping and offers a simple process to manage compliance forms.

We help support your employee health initiatives and tackle specific health and compliance-related activities while saving time, keeping a close eye on health status and creating visual dashboards.

Manage injured or quarantined employees back to work safely and efficiently

Our PureOHS software can track an employee’s work status based on injury or exposure to COVID-19.

Easily record, track and understand which employees are on quarantine or restricted duty, and account for lost days for those employees so workers can return as quickly and safely as possible.

Our Dashboard panels allow users to quickly view groups of employees based on current work status.

Manage employee COVID-19 and flu immunizations

Organizations can use PureOHS to document and manage COVID-19 vaccinations to help with return to work and safe working programs.

Our software supports employee health nurses during the busy workflow of health fairs and reduces the hassle of dealing with paperwork by capturing and storing consent forms and signatures electronically.

Additional benefits

  • Available on any mobile device, including tablets
  • Secure and accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • Fast, simple installation with no IT support required
  • Designed to meet or exceed existing security standards, including HIPAA


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