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Product Experience Lab

Get consumer insights to your products prior to production.

Product Experience Lab

Leverage our Product Experience Lab's expertise

You know how your product is meant to be assembled, but do you know how your customers really put it together? Our Product Experience Lab, located in Bentonville, Arkansas, is designed to help you figure that out. Our lab provides a secure location for actual consumers to assess and review your products prior to production. Through the consumers’ experience with your product, you can understand how your product works in the real world, helping you meet the expectations of your buyers, retailers, and most importantly, consumers.

The feedback allowed for the safety risks and deficiencies to be improved before production started.

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Product Experience Lab offerings

  • Product assembly review 
    • A participant who fits the profile of your typical consumer follows the instruction manual to assemble the product. They provide feedback based on their experience.
  • Instruction manual review 
    • The instruction manual is reviewed for overall content including good grammar, completeness, clear steps and illustrations. (A complete product may need to accompany this review to identify assembly pieces.)
  • Video surveillance of active assembly projects 
    • Video surveillance is an optional service that can provide insight into your consumer’s assembly process. It can help identify assembly steps where the consumer may struggle due to deficiencies in the manual, parts or product.
  • Consumer feedback surveys 
    • Participants complete a survey regarding their experience at the completion of an assembly project. The survey captures details of their experience with the packaging, instruction manual, parts, and overall experience.
  • Findings report
    • At the end of the process, we issue a report containing the details of the project, potential deficiencies and consumer survey(s).

This process allowed us to offer a better product to our customers.

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Experience it live!

  • Attend a live assembly or end-use session of your product
  • Schedule a session that fits your schedule

Contact [email protected] for more information.


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