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Sustainability and Environment

We help companies, mitigate risk and earn trust among stakeholders to whom companies demonstrate health and sustainability in their product lines, facilities and supply chains.

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How sustainability can help your business 

To stay competitive in today’s global marketplace, all companies must address demands from investors, stakeholders, regulators, retailers and consumers for environmental, social and governance data. The market will no longer settle for meager corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts and one-off sustainability initiatives and instead seeks greater transparency into how businesses take action to reduce climate change, create more circular products and provide more transparency into their global supply chains and social impacts.      

Sustainability services that drive the market

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ESG investors

Investors are increasingly demanding environmental, social and governance performance data from corporations.

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Retailers are encouraging suppliers to adopt sustainability strategies.

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Regulatory and non-governmental bodies

Regulatory and non-governmental bodies have increasing requirements to mandate lower carbon emissions and promote green products and construction.

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Consumers prefer environmentally friendly products from socially responsible companies.


Offering consumers eco-friendly options used to be an endeavor embraced mainly by ecologically inclined companies. It reflected their mission and appealed to customers who were loyal to them for their forward-thinking philosophies and CSR. Now, however, sustainability management represents a business imperative because not only are consumers and other buyers demanding it, but investors are including it among the requirements for companies they invest in.

Global sustainability concerns impacting on business's strategies

Climate change is a defining issue of our era, and we have come to a crucial moment in deciding our planet’s future. Following the Paris agreement, many countries have set net-zero targets, and enterprises are following suit with their own greenhouse gas emission goals. While making steps toward energy efficiency and switching to renewable energy play critical roles in diminishing your footprint, reducing material use also has a significant impact. This lower material usage is a key part of circularity, which emphasizes resource reduction, extended product use, reuse and recycling or composting, and biodegradability. When a company commits to a circularity strategy, it also needs to evaluate its supply chain and review vendor selection policies to keep stakeholders satisfied that the brand is an ethically responsible environmental steward. Finally, as awareness of chemical toxicity grows, manufacturers must take steps to ensure that the products they make meet chemical compliance requirements and don’t have a negative impact on human health or the environment. 

Whether your interest lies mostly with climate change, circularity, responsible sourcing or the environmental and health impact of your products and materials, UL Solutions has the tools to help. Learn more about our advisory, testing, certification and verification services related to those topics below.

Circular Economy

Embrace the future of design, creating a circular economy strategy to benefit all stakeholders.

Climate Change Mitigation

UL Solutions helps businesses face challenges related to climate change no matter what stage they are at in their sustainability journey.

Chemical Impact from Products

Demonstrate that the products you produce or sell meet chemical regulations and do not have a negative impact on human health or the environment.

Responsible Sourcing

We offer a full portfolio of responsible sourcing services to address the evolving needs of the marketplace.

“HP believes that what’s good for the environment is good for both business and society. We recognize the importance of third-party validation in bringing recycled content claims to market. Validation to UL Solutions’ recycled content Standard helps ensure we are transitioning to a circular economy reliably and transparently while creating a positive social impact for plastic collector communities.”

  • Chief sustainability and social impact officer
  • HP Inc. (U.S.)

UL Solutions' sustainability offerings can support business goals

UL Solutions helps companies demonstrate safety and sustainability in their product lines, facilities and supply chains to comply with regulations, empower transparency, increase environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure and meet green building and procurement standards. We do this by applying science-based sustainability standards, strong regulatory knowledge, responsible sourcing expertise and software tools. This helps companies mitigate risk and earn trust among stakeholders.

Our sustainability services achieve worldwide recognition:

  • Our ecolabels (including GREENGUARD Certified, GREENGUARD Gold Certified and ECOLOGO® and Environmental Product Declaration Certification) are globally recognized and can help you demonstrate sustainability.
  • We contributed to the development of more than 80 globally recognized sustainability standards.
  • UL Solutions is a world leader in helping to develop sustainability standards, with more than 100 such publications to our credit.
  • More than 1,000 sustainable product specifications or purchasing guidelines around the world refer to our sustainability certifications.

We are a trusted ESG partner:

  • Our expertise in supply chains and product life cycles empowers companies to understand their full environmental and social impacts.
  • Our ESG reporting software, 360, is a top-ranked winner of the Top Product of the Year Award.
  • Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly initiative recognizes our ECOLOGO® Certification.

“Using the advisory services and software [from UL Solutions] gave us a framework that is more manageable.“

  • Chief sustainability officer
  • GPA Global (U.K.)

How sustainable product certifications support your sustainability strategy

The demand for sustainable products is coming from multiple stakeholders, including retailers, consumers and investors. A heightened awareness among consumers that green products help us live a safer, more secure and sustainable lifestyle is putting pressure on brands and retailers to focus on product sustainability. Additionally, investors are asking companies to take concrete steps toward sustainability such as certifying the sustainability of their products. Companies want to find a way to differentiate their products and demonstrate sustainability Here is where sustainable product certifications help.

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