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NSF/ANSI 336 Facts Sustainability Certification

We are an approved certification body for the Association for Contract Textiles’ Facts certification, which indicates that a textile has met the NSF/ANSI 336 standard and provides manufacturers with third-party certification of their sustainable products.

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Purchasers and specifiers of textile fabrics want to know that the products they select for public spaces are reliable and dependable. The purpose of the NSF/ANSI 336 standard is to address the environmental, economic and social aspects of commercial furnishing fabrics used in commercial spaces. The standard considers criteria from a product’s lifecycle to get a complete picture of the inputs, outputs and environmental impacts of textile products across a product’s lifespan. The standard is applicable to a variety of contract fabric types used in public spaces, such as office, hospitality, healthcare and institutional interiors. As a multi-attribute sustainability standard, NSF 336 considers eight sustainability parameters that carry varying weight in the total point make-up; 50 percent comprises the fiber composition, and the remaining 50 percent comprises the fabric manufacturing process.

Certified fabrics must meet prerequisites for each parameter and can achieve optional credits, earning up to a maximum of 100 points. Based on the total number of points achieved within each category, products are awarded certification levels of compliant, silver, gold or platinum. Products certified to NSF 336 are certified for five years and undergo yearly reviews to determine continued compliance to the standard.


We are an approved testing body for Facts certification, which means we have a deep understanding of sustainable certification programs and ecolabels. Our dedicated furniture industry team delivers expert-level service to our customers, giving you a distinct advantage. Once a manufacturer has achieved certification, they receive the Facts certification mark, which can be used to promote their certification to the marketplace. This mark is an invaluable marketing tool that reassures buyers of a company’s credibility, while serving as a key differentiator.

Why UL

As a global safety science company, we are dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments. That’s why we are an approved certification body for the Association for Contract Textiles’ Facts certification. We can help confirm that your textiles meet the NSF/ANSI 336 standard, a multi-attribute sustainability standard that evaluates products for environmental, economic and social attributes. Having a dedicated furniture industry team with an in-depth knowledge of sustainable certification programs and ecolabels means that we can deliver exceptional customer service and guide you through the testing process. By receiving the Facts certification mark, you’ll have a distinct advantage in the marketplace, because it serves as key differentiator in your product category. 

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