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Industrial Machinery and Systems Services

Demonstrate safety compliance for industrial machinery and mitigate delays, commissioning interruptions and rework demand risks.

Industrial machinery and systems at a manufacturing facility

Differentiate industrial machinery and systems in the marketplace 

Our industrial machinery testing, evaluation and certification services help you meet delivery deadlines, avoid commissioning interruptions and rework demands. Our expertise can help reduce the risk of red-tagged machines at the job site, along with the resulting delays and extra costs. You’ll benefit from the widespread acceptance of the UL Mark by regulatory authorities in jurisdictions across the United States and Canada.

UL Solutions services extend to series of machines. We evaluate your machine series or family and identify the representative models for the machine investigation. We then work with you on understanding the specific requirements for achieving certification of the entire machine series or family, including any necessary surveillance requirements.

We understand the needs of industrial machinery manufacturers across a wide variety of applications such as metalworking, material handling, packaging, compression, pressing, stamping, conveyance and more.
UL Solutions services can help you meet complex goals and demonstrate safety requirements across a variety of jurisdictions, including:

  • Component and supply chain reviews to offer the credibility of a third-party review. Our process identifies approved and acceptable components for your machines to streamline certification.
  • Engineering support with a complete and transparent overview of risks to mitigate uncertainty and build trust.
  • Testing—Benefit from multiple testing approaches that assess performance and safety of your machines according to standards in the United States, Canada and many more. 
  • Certification of an individual machine or a series and family of machines   Assessment programs provide flexibility and cost savings for series or families of machines.
  • Labeling—Acquire the labels that you need for your certified products through the Marking and Labeling Systems Program.
  • Surveillance—Protect your investment with Follow-Up Services including ongoing inspection for any product carrying the UL Mark.
  • UL Product iQ®—Access our certification platform which combines the longstanding UL certification data relied upon by millions of users with the intuitive design and user-friendliness of a modern search engine.
  • Limited production services—Minimize costs while receiving services that better align for manufacturers producing small volume or unique products.

 Benefits of industrial machinery services from UL Solutions 

  • Widespread acceptance of the UL Mark by regulatory authorities in every jurisdiction in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Reduce installation complications while advancing acceptance of the machine among regulators. 
  • Support greater acceptance and improved reputation of machinery and equipment.
  • Receive assistance to secure more timely product launches. 
  • Access certification programs to support your efforts to demonstrate compliance of machines and systems.

Global regulatory requirements

  • National Electrical Code™ (NEC™), NFPA 70 for electrical installation in the U.S
  • CEC (Canadian Electrical Code), C22.1 for electrical installation in Canada
  • UL 2011, the Outline of Investigation for Machinery
  • NFPA 79 for industrial machinery in the U.S.
  • CSA C22.2 No. 301 for industrial machines in Canada
  • IEC 60204-1
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