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Advancing Safer, More Sustainable Energy Storage at Scale

Discover how UL Solutions is helping the world access abundant green power through safer storage technology.

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Renewable energy produced by nature, stored by users

Without enhanced battery technology, the world cannot realize the benefits of decarbonized power generation or a decentralized energy grid.  

Distributed energy resources (DERS) offer significant potential to harness green power, overcome interruptions in power generation via battery energy storage systems (BESS), and realize the efficiency of DC in more environments. 

We help the industry tackle safety, interoperability and building integration challenges inherent in energy storage — and understand system-wide and component-level needs — to advance safer progress toward clean energy goals.

Helping battery innovators enhance energy storage capacity worldwide

UL Solutions recognizes the transformative potential of battery storage and offers comprehensive strategies to mitigate risks before, during and after manufacture, installation and use.  
From standards development to testing and certification services for EV and industrial batteries, we help the energy storage industry understand the regulatory landscape, proactively address safety and performance challenges, and streamline go-to-market activities. Our efforts also help empower end users to generate, store and use power according to their own needs, and contribute back to the grid if they choose. 

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Honoring our shared commitment to safer energy storage

Energy storage technologies are advancing rapidly — and standards need to keep pace. By participating in standards panels and industry working groups, UL Solutions helps gather all relevant perspectives, build consensus around safety standards, and create economies of scale. 

With a robust portfolio of testing and certification services, we help manufacturers demonstrate compliance with these standards and build market confidence in novel battery cells, packs and products such as lithium-ion and other battery types.



Here’s how UL Solutions advances a safer, stable supply of clean energy in an increasingly chaotic world:



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Centering safety, fostering potential

We help manufacturers directly address the emerging challenges of advancing storage technologies and reassure regulators and users.

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Growing trust among stakeholders

We have earned the trust of stakeholders, from manufacturers to regulators to consumer groups, for our unwavering focus on safety.

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Guidance that speeds market access efforts

We offer advisory services, software and experience that help you unlock the limitless potential of energy transition.



Services, software and guidance for safer energy storage



Meet the experts

LaTanya Schwalb

Principal engineer, Stationary Batteries, Energy Storage, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Generators

LaTanya develops technical requirements, including interpretation of UL Standard requirements, for the evaluation and certification of energy storage systems, stationary battery systems, fuel cells, and hydrogen generators. With more than 20 years of product safety certification experience at UL Solutions, LaTanya represents our organization on many technical committees through the NFPA, CSA, IEC, and SAE. Her deep understanding of emerging battery storage technology supports safer, sustainable storage that drives the energy transition.

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Thorough testing services provided by energy transition experts

The energy transition story is still in its first chapters. The marketplace for supplies, from bidirectional charging cables to complete DERs, is still evolving as technology advances and emerging standards gain consensus. UL Solutions provides critical services that help manufacturers demonstrate performance and safety via testing, inspection and certification services offered in the field, through simulation or in laboratories around the world.

Create safer linkages with the shared power grid

Localized renewable energy power generation can send power back to the grid which defrays costs for asset owners and helps accelerate the wider energy transition. But our aging power grid isn’t quite ready for bidirectional energy flow in all cases, and where it is possible, utilities have rigorous grid code compliance regulations. We have close relationships with utilities and regulators and understand where vulnerabilities exist and how to maximize opportunities.

Safer storage that protects property and people

New developments that include on-site power production will also need on-site storage to maintain a steady supply of power for residents, workers, etc. Our team of built-environment engineering leaders work closely with the real estate and construction industries to safely add battery storage in compliance with safety standards that reflect new use cases for DERs, microgrids and BESS.


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