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Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES) Service Provider UL Certification Program

Code authorities and emergency responders can feel more confident knowing that installed communication systems have been installed, tested and maintained to adhere to relevant codes and standards.

Firefighter with radio communication device

Why is implementing the ERCES service provider certification program important?

The UL Solutions certification program forms a strong connection among the ERCES service providers, building owners, code authorities and UL Solutions. Certification provides confidence to all stakeholders that these systems comply with all of the elements found in the model codes, along with National Fire Protection Association NFPA 1221 or NFPA 1225 and International Fire Code IFC Section 510.

In-building emergency responder radio systems are an important life safety technology that provide emergency responders an effective and reliable means with which to communicate in environments that present interference and coverage concerns.

Environments in and around buildings can often prove complex when factors such as building design, building construction, building type and characteristics of other nearby structures can affect in-building radio communication.

Deploying a dedicated system fit for the purpose of increasing emergency responders’ ability to communicate plays an essential role in overcoming these complex factors, and helps ensure that communication devices perform as intended in the event of an emergency where reliable and clear communication is imperative. 

How does the ERCES service provider certification work?

UL Solutions evaluates ERCES service providers to their national, state, and local codes competencies to achieve UL certification. Additionally, we visit each UL Listed ERCES service provider annually to conduct an audit of selected locations to determine whether the ERCES service provider is providing ongoing and consistent code-compliant services based on the NFPA edition declared on their certificate.

Improve ongoing system communication installation and maintenance with ERCES service provider certification

With our certification, code authorities can feel more confident knowing that communication systems have been installed and maintained to adhere to regulations so that emergency responders communicate with their incident command for direction and support, and that incident command can provide lifesaving information and direction to responders no matter where they are in the building. 

UL Solutions also holds periodic town hall meetings to bring together all ERCES contractors and code authorities in their respective regions. These town hall meetings serve to provide program updates, continuing education, awareness of code changes, and help addressing current events surrounding the alarm community.

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UL 2524 article: Understanding the new safety and performance requirements (key differences)


UL 2524: Understanding the new safety and performance requirements (Key Differences Document)

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UL 2524 certification and compliance for code authorities

Watch the on-demand webinar for an overview of code requirements for UL 2524, the Standard for In-building 2-Way Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems, geared toward code authorities.

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