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Electric Vehicle Battery Services

Drive confidence in electric vehicle battery safety, reliability and performance by partnering with UL Solutions as your preferred testing services provider.

Electric vehicle cut away

The race is on for electric vehicle original equipment manufacturers (EV OEMs) and suppliers to launch innovative battery designs that offer enhanced safety and performance, increased range, and extended life, all while reducing costs.       

At UL Solutions, we stand committed to supporting EV battery OEMs, automotive manufacturers and materials suppliers as they seize the opportunities and overcome challenges of navigating the energy transition.

That’s why we provide comprehensive, end-to-end testing services that help mitigate safety and compliance risks, improve dependability, and drive confidence in the value of your products. We offer testing at the battery cell, module and pack levels for a broad range of vehicle segments to validate performance, reliability, safety and other key characteristics that help differentiate your products.

The future of electrification

As environmental concerns, government incentives and the shifting cost of raw materials drive the global transition to renewable energy, the electrification revolution has expanded to virtually every type of vehicle, including:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Heavy-duty vehicles
  • Buses
  • Two- and three-wheelers
  • Construction, agriculture and mining vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles, including snowmobiles, golf carts and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • Watercraft
  • Aircraft
  • Airport ground support equipment (GSE)

Our comprehensive EV battery testing services and capabilities

We leverage our wide-ranging testing services and capabilities to support you through every phase of the product life cycle, from development to reuse. We offer: 

  • Abuse testing services for EV battery cell, module and pack
  • Thermal propagation and fire exposure testing for EV battery cell, module and pack
  • Performance and validation services
  • Testing to meet OEM specifications
  • Testing for regulatory standards and requirements

For detailed information about specific services, visit:

EV Battery Testing for Compliance with Regulatory Requirements and Standards

Demonstrate compliance with UN/DOT 38.3, Automotive OEM standards and global market access requirements.

Learn more

EV Battery Abuse, Fire, Thermal and Performance Testing and Validation Services

Demonstrate performance and reliability to differentiate your products in a competitive market.

Learn more

Cutting-edge testing technologies and methods

Supporting you from our network of advanced battery testing laboratories across North America, Europe and Asia, our expert technicians employ the latest technologies and methods to test your battery products, components and materials.

Our facilities are strategically located near major vehicle manufacturing epicenters in the U.S., Germany, Sweden, France, China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Our state-of-the-art testing laboratories are equipped with:

  • Shakers that can hold up to 3,000 kg 
  • Battery cyclers with capability to 1,500 V/500 kW 
  • Environmental chambers, including specialized chambers for the shaker tables – 2.3 m x 2.2 m x 3.1 m 
  • Fire test cells with thermal cameras, reinforced walls and explosion-rated blow-out panels 
  • High-altitude simulation chambers 

Enabling agility in your EV battery research and development 

Our high-quality testing services can support your drive to differentiate your EV batteries and systems components with superior safety and performance metrics, reduce costs, and bring innovative products to the market quickly. 

With our innovative laboratories and equipment, we perform comprehensive validation and regulatory services and identify potential safety, reliability, quality, performance and compliance issues in your products, components and materials so you can address them efficiently.

We can customize our services to your needs, including testing to your customers’ specific requirements to help you respond with agility to ever-changing customer requirements.

Streamline your procurement of testing services

Sending materials, components and products to multiple vendors can introduce confusion, complexity and potentially redundant testing. Partnering with UL Solutions as your sole provider helps streamline the testing process. Furthermore, bundling our services can help you save time and costs. We can also help you uncover potential safety, quality and compliance issues along your supply chain so you can work to address them.

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