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Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Testing and Certification

Offering comprehensive services for the electric vehicle industry, including testing and certification of infrastructure components and batteries.

Charging an electric car


The electric vehicle (EV) industry is driving the future of transportation. And, as a leader in developing standards for emerging technologies for electric vehicles, we are uniquely positioned to bring real value to our customers in this space. We are accredited to test to electric vehicle standards in all major global markets. Our global testing capabilities allow us to provide a complete portfolio of local services to electric vehicle customers throughout the world.

The advantages of UL Solutions’ electric vehicle and infrastructure services

We have firsthand knowledge of the speed of change currently affecting the automotive industry and the implications that this accelerated development cycle has on the industry. We offer a complete portfolio of services and solutions aimed at addressing areas of concern across the entire product lifecycle. From checks on safety, performance and interoperability, to testing to key standards, we can help you meet the demands of the global marketplace.

You can leverage our expertise in evaluating the safety of EV components,such as electric motors, batteries and fuel cells, and products,such as EV charging stations and personal e-mobility devices. We work directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and stakeholders throughout the supply chain to test EV technologies, components and equipment. We provide rigorous safety checks to help ensure safe installations and integration with systems to help prevent electrical fires, short-outs, power surges and power leakages.

Some of the benefits of UL Solutions EV components and systems safety certification for OEMs include:

  • Increased confidence in procuring and/or supplying third-party certified components
  • Reduced product development lead time when using UL Certified components
  • Differentiate products in a crowded marketplace by demonstrating compliance to industry and global standards

EV categories

  • Charging systems
  • Batteries
  • Personal e-mobility devices
  • Electric motors
  • Fuel cells