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Data Center Immersion Cooling

UL Solutions new certification program is designed for immersion cooling technology used with information technology, server and computing equipment in data centers.

Three servers in a data center

As demand grows for data centers, data center equipment produces more and more heat. This increase in heat dissipation has raised concerns regarding rapidly growing energy consumption. To address these challenges, the industry has developed an immersion cooling technology. To support this development, UL Solutions has developed a new safety certification program for immersion cooling technology used with information technology (IT), server and computing equipment in data centers.

Data centers’ increasing size and scope around the world has led to a reliance on immersion cooling: the practice of submerging racks and full servers in a thermally, but not electrically, conductive liquid (dielectric coolant). Immersion cooling using dielectric fluids has proven more effective at cooling than older methods because it conducts heat more efficiently than air. Our Immersion Cooling Program helps ensure the system complies with electric and fire safety regulations and that the system and its fluids are evaluated to applicable requirements.

UL Solutions' Immersion Cooling Program can help you:

  • Provide a compliance path toward a safety certification mark
  • Drive confidence in data center innovations while managing risk
  • Mitigate safety risks with testing and certifications for immersion cooling in data centers

Operating a data center can present many challenges. It must be designed and assessed to be resilient, fully utilized and efficient to meet ever-growing market and regulatory demands. We can help you solve the critical challenges of your data center infrastructure’s continued reliability. We help empower you by providing a comprehensive solution to help mitigate risks caused by outages.

Immersion cooling is quickly becoming the solution for greener data centers. This emerging technology utilizes nonconductive fluids to mitigate thermal output, offering an array of benefits, including reduced energy consumption and cost savings. Navigating this technology and its requirements, as well as maintaining flexibility with business needs, can prove tedious, but we can help. Our safety certification and compliance services cover three core areas of immersion cooling:

  • Liquid immersion hardware
  • Insulating liquids
  • Installed information technology equipment

Our comprehensive approach to testing and certification services helps data center operators demonstrate solid performance. Leverage UL Solutions' deep technical expertise in data centers to optimize resources and help you build resilient data centers.

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