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Category 8 Cable Testing & Verification Services

Future-proof your facilities to meet the high demands of tomorrow’s data centers with our performance Verification program with optical fiber testing.

A close-up image of blue ethernet cable plugged into a data center.

Meeting performance expectations of category 8 cables

Designers and installers are looking for next-generation materials that can meet the high throughput demands of your data centers. That’s why it’s so important to have your cable, channel and permanent links tested by a third party. You need to be sure that they can meet your end user’s expectations for performance. With this in mind, we’ve launched a performance verification program for Category 8 (CAT8) cable.

Category 8 cable standards then and now

Previously, as specified in CAT8 standards, cable consists of four thermoplastic insulated twisted pairs and 22 – 24 American wire gauge (AWG) conductors, which employ an overall metallic shield and or individual pair of shields under an overall thermoplastic jacket. Due to required shielding, installers and contractors will now need to ensure prudent cable/connector shield termination and proper grounding/bonding measures in their local area networks (LANs).

The program, which is based on the latest published requirements for CAT8 in ANSI/TIA-568C.2-1 and IEC/ISO 11801 (IEC 61156-9 and -10) for Category 8.1 and 8.2 cable, channel and permanent links encompasses sophisticated electrical performance test requirements that ensure the integrity of high-speed signal transmission. It also includes a comprehensive follow-up and market surveillance program that helps ensure your supply chain remains compliant and that your products are protected against counterfeits.  

Please note that CAT8 cabling and components have been specified for transmission performance requirements up to 2 gigahertz (GHz) for IEEE 25GBASE-T/40GBASE-T applications with a maximum length of 30 meters. This next-generation cabling offers four times the bandwidth of standard Category 6A cabling and is fully backward compatible with Category 6A cabling, including RJ45 connectivity.

Benefits of CAT8 cable verification testing

At UL Solutions, we have a rich history of tackling the problems of today to create the solutions of tomorrow. That’s why we’ve invested so many resources into this program — it truly solves a critical challenge that so many users are facing in a data-driven market. Our Category 8 Verification Testing provides a simple solution for end-users and LAN infrastructure and building designers to future-proof their facilities in order to meet the high throughput demands of your data centers. That’s how we help you overcome critical challenges and that’s how we help you secure what’s possible. 

Why category 8 cable manufacturers choose UL Solutions for safety and performance testing

  • Our compliance system helps ensure compliance and reduce liability and risk across the entire supply chain.
  • UL Solutions' Follow-up Services helps manufacturers gain a competitive edge based on quality, reputation and service, making it more difficult for manufacturers that produce counterfeit or inferior products to survive.
  • Our long-standing history in certification and standards development makes us a trusted thought leader in the compliance arena. Stakeholders rely on us for research, knowledge and technical solutions to address safety issues and advise on new technologies.
  • Comprehensive factory and market surveillance programs help ensure a more compliant supply chain and reduce the risk and costs associated with sub-standard and unsafe products. This work helps protect brand reputation and the integrity of the UL Mark.
  • Our fully dedicated Global Security and Brand Protection team works with authorities and global customs agencies on anti-counterfeiting measures.
  • The use of the holographic label system sets us apart by establishing a unique identifier for customs, regulators, buyers, retailers and consumers.
  • Some product categories have the option for an additional on-demand promotional opportunity to include a direct link to your company website, product page, brochure, data sheet or flyer through UL iQ databases.
  • We offer global testing and certification solutions for acceptance in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
  • We continue to evolve our capabilities and services to meet your increasing needs. Our goal is to help you rapidly develop and launch safer, superior products and meet the shifting requirements of a changing world.
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