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Building Envelope Commissioning Services

Obtain maximum service life for your envelope systems with third-party quality control during the construction process to optimize durability and operating costs.

UL Building Envelope Commissioning Services

Overview of Building Envelope Commissioning Services

UL Solutions provides building owners, managers and insurers in North America with support during the construction process to mitigate the risks of unacceptable building envelope performance. Services like building envelope design review, mock-up and field performance testing, and quality control field review can help reduce the costly damage of envelope failures. 

If you are planning and constructing an addition to your building portfolio, UL Solutions can guide your process to develop improved envelope systems.

Benefits of Building Envelope Commissioning Services

For buildings in the planning and construction phase, our construction commissioning services help reduce long term operating and repair costs with superior durability and a higher degree of in-service performance. These services include:

  • Design assist and peer review of construction documents under development to identify opportunities to improve clarity and details 
  • Performance mock-up testing of proposed envelope assemblies before full production and site installation
  • Construction review to identify materials, techniques and details that should be modified
  • Field performance testing of envelope construction activity to evaluate if the completed work meets appropriate performance levels

With the experience and expertise gained from decades of laboratory testing a wide spectrum of building envelope systems, our dynamic team of highly specialized staff can provide construction commissioning services for your projects across North America.

Why UL Solutions?

UL Solutions is a single gateway to testing, advisory and training services dedicated to the building envelope. 

UL Solutions' network includes technical experts, state-of-the-art test facilities and longstanding relationships with the design and construction community, regulatory authorities, industry technical leaders, trade associations and universities. 

As an established industry hub, we help manufacturers gain the compliance credentials they need to compete in a complex global supply chain, while also helping the design and construction community to assess and verify building envelope products, systems and structures before, during and after construction.

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