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Building Envelope in UK and Europe

UL Solutions offers an array of services to help you assess, validate and certify the design and performance of building envelope components, products and systems.

UL’s laboratory in Telford, England

Get to market confidently with building envelope components and systems through testing, commissioning and certification services from UL Solutions' Built Environment experts who focus on the latest standards. UL Solutions' team of highly specialized professionals operates out of UL Solutions' laboratory in Telford, England, and provides a range of services that address building envelope performance, including safety, sustainability and durability.

Building envelope services

Window and door testing and certification

UL Solutions provides services to help you achieve the CE and UKCA mark for your construction products. UL Solutions' laboratory facilities accommodate a variety of window and door configurations. Undergo testing in accordance with a range of industry-recognized standards, including PAS 24 for security and BS 6375 for weather tightness, operation, strength and durability. 

Window and door testing services include:

  • Security testing to PAS 24 to assess security resistance
  • Weather tightness testing carried out in accordance with BS 6375-1 to assess air permeability, water leakage and resistance to wind-loading performance
  • Operation and strength testing carried out in accordance with BS 6375-2 to assess operating forces, mechanical strength and repeated opening and closing performance

Facade mock-up testing and certification

UL Solutions provides façade testing in accordance with British, European and North American standards, covering weather tightness, impact and durability. 

Façade testing services include:

  • Curtain wall testing carried out in accordance with key standards, including CWCT Sequence B, BS EN13830 and AAMA 501.2
  • Rainscreen cladding testing carried out in accordance with CWCT standards for the U.K.
  • Glazed roof light testing carried out in accordance with the CWCT Technical Note 67
  • Window assembly testing carried out in accordance with CWCT, BS and PAS standards for the U.K.


Feel confident in the quality and performance of your building envelope products with certification schemes designed to satisfy a range of industry bodies and insurance underwriters in the U.K. building market.

Demonstrate compliance with:

  • Enhanced security performance of windows and doors (SBD PAS 24)
  • General performance of windows and doors (BS 644, BS4873, BS 7412 and BS 8529)
  • Performance of curtain walling and rainscreen cladding (NHBC Chapter 6.9 and Premier Guarantee 7.7.5)
  • Performance of rainscreen cladding support systems (NHBC Chapter 6.9)

Telford, England

UL Solutions' performance mock-up (PMU) laboratory in Telford, England, accommodates full-scale wall assemblies, including window and curtain walls. It offers 1.5 acres of space to accommodate a variety of PMU mock-up samples that can go up to 11-by-11 meters (36-by-36 feet). The fenestration laboratory in Telford is equipped with the latest equipment to test to PAS 24 for windows, doors, as well as skylights for air, rain and wind.


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