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Suite of SDS Authoring Content for SAP® Product Compliance

Integrate ChemADVISOR content, expert rules, templates, phrases and data into your SAP® Product Compliance module.

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Protect your brand and reputation with ChemADVISOR®  SDS authoring content for SAP® Product Compliance

Let UL Solutions help you navigate regulatory compliance and market access. ChemADVISOR® for SAP® Product Compliance provides expert rules, templates, phrases and data for safety data sheet (SDS) authoring.

Navigating today’s global market is riskier and more challenging than ever. Increasing regulations and proactive risk mitigation require exceptional data management. Companies using the SAP® Product Compliance module need trusted content to protect their customers, workforce and brand.


GHS SDS templates


Expert rules


Translated phrase library


Global regulatory data


Flexible global or regional content subscriptions


Managed services for quarterly content updates


Co-developed with HelaSoft, an offical SAP partner


Migration tool with automated processes to streamline implementation

Leverage the ChemADVISOR database for trusted SAP Product Compliance regulatory content

  • Comprehensive chemical data curated by UL Solutions regulatory experts.
  • Robust data collection and management processes for superior quality.
  • Continuously reviewed and updated information.

Successfully navigate increasing regulations while optimizing efficiency

  • Single source of accurate data and up-to-date templates for compliant safety data sheets.
  • Effortless translation of content and templates with a comprehensive phrase library.
  • Expert rules that go beyond basic substance classification. Advanced logic calculates classifications of mixtures and chemicals for specific regulations. 

HelaSoft logoStreamline implementation and management of regulatory content for SAP Product Compliance

  • Migration tool with automated processes.
  • Implementation support from regulatory and software experts.
  • Managed services for regular content updates.
  • Global or regional content subscriptions.

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Ready to protect your brand and reputation with ChemADVISOR® for SAP® Product Compliance?

ChemADVISOR comprehensive chemical data

• 7,600+ regulatory lists 
• 600,000+ substances 
• 130+ countries 
• 48+ languages