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UL Solutions Brea Laboratory for Performance and Safety Testing

UL Solutions expanded its laboratory in Orange County, CA, to include a wide range of testing services for our customers.

Exterior view of the UL’s Brea laboratory in Orange County, CA.

In late 2020, the UL Solutions Orange County (OC) performance laboratory in Brea, California, combined with our nearby safety laboratory, doubling the laboratory space to over 38,000 square feet. Combining the laboratories allowed for increased testing efficiencies and deeper collaboration between our safety and performance teams for the benefit of customers.

Building on our core lighting performance offerings, such as Energy Star®, DesignLights Consortium® (DLC), Department of Energy and California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 20 and Title 24/JA8, our laboratory in Orange County now offers an expansive portfolio of performance testing services.

Our technical experts are committed to providing photometric and photobiologic testing services that meet the high expectations of the lighting industry. Our team is available to help guide you through our services and testing capabilities.

Performance laboratory testing capabilities

In addition to safety testing, the laboratory has a wide range of performance capabilities.

Horticultural lighting testing

Utilizing integrating spheres, mobile spectroradiometers and goniophotometers, we can provide a suite of reports specific for horticultural applications including traditional photometry with horticulture metrics as well as near field measurements to represent intensity at the plant canopy.

Energy Star specialty testing

Common performance criteria for the Energy Star program include testing for:

  • Audible noise
  • Start time
  • Elevated temperature light output ratio
  • Operating frequency
  • Dimming level
  • Transient protection
  • Angular uniformity of color
  • Flicker

Optical flicker testing

Our photometric laboratories are familiar with standard methods of flicker testing and are actively involved in the development of lighting measurement test methods to meet Energy Star and CEC requirements. UL Solutions developed a testing method with a UL Verification Mark that demonstrates that the product has been tested and evaluated for flicker performance with particular reference to the percentage of optical flicker present in the product.

Photobiological hazard testing

Exposure to optical radiation, distributed on a wide spectrum range, both in the visible and invisible fields, may damage skin and eyes. The photobiological safety standards measure and identify the risk factors of optical radiation emitted by lighting devices, such as UV-C germicidal devices.

Our laboratory is equipped with the necessary instrumentation for the performance of radiometric detection in accordance with the European and American standards, namely IEC/EN 62471 and ANSI/IESNA RP-27, for the definition of the optical radiation values in the spectrum comprised between 200 nm and 3000 nm, i.e., the level of UV, IR and blue light radiations. UL Solutions also has the necessary instrumentation to perform other measurements, so contact us to discuss your project needs.


Syed Hamdani, site leader:

Chuck Temple, senior lab manager:

Eric Gaudreau, engineering leader:

Goniophotometer in action:

Integrating Sphere in action: