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UL’s Authorized Label Supplier Program - Dec. 3

Gain a better understanding of the requirements and eligibility to reproduce the UL Mark on labels when authorized by UL.

UL label

UL’s Authorized Label Suppliers Program (ALSP) covers the printing of the UL certification Mark by outside suppliers. This program covers suppliers that have been found to comply with UL's requirements for printing and distributing UL's registered certification Marks. This would include the printing of the Mark on items such as labels, plastic packaging, caulking tubes, corrugated packaging, paper bags and the like. 

In order to protect the integrity and deter counterfeiting, all UL certification Marks must be supplied by an Authorized Label Supplier under this program unless the Mark is authorized to be printed in-house by the product manufacturer.

This webinar will cover such topics as:

  • Types and required elements of the UL Mark
  • When and where the UL certification Mark can be applied
  • Requirements and eligibility details of UL’s ALSP
  • Additional guidelines and resources on the UL Mark and ALSP


William D. Boone, program manager
UL Field Engineering Services

Webinar date:

Dec. 3, 2020

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UL's Authorized Label Supplier's Program

Authorized Label Supplier Program for Certification Marks

Protecting the integrity of UL’s Certification Marks and deterring counterfeiting.

Authorized Label Suppliers

UL provides certification and follow-up services to manufacturers that can be identified by consumers through the use of the UL Mark on the product.