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UL Certified Cybersecurity Professionals - Automotive

First Name Last Name Company Country Certificate Type Certificate Number Expiration Date
Terence Adams Capgemini NA USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1001 2/25/2023
David Arnold Microchip Technology USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1025 9/30/2024
Tariq Buchh Veoneer USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1002 2/25/2023
Pete Campbell UL USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1014 2/25/2023
Diego Castro Stoneridge USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1003 2/25/2023
John Currie UL USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1015 2/25/2023
Kyle Edwards Cummins USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1004 2/25/2023
Omar ElKaderi AAM USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1005 2/25/2023
Lars Ellegaard Microchip Technology Denmark UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1023 9/30/2024
Jennifer Giangrande UL USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1016 9/24/2023
Andrea Gil kVA by UL USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1006 2/25/2023
Xingwang He Microchip Technology USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1019 8/31/2024
Padmanaban Kanagaraj Panasonic USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1007 2/25/2023
Sangkook Kang SL America USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1008 2/25/2023
Tim Kitagawa Microchip Technology Canada UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1029 11/30/2024
Shashank Kulkarni Microchip Technology India Pvt Ltd India UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1022 9/30/2024
Umberto Macri Microchip Technology Italy UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1026 9/30/2024
Haneet Mahajan Magna Electronics USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1009 2/25/2023
Omar Makita Stoneridge USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1010 2/25/2023
Siddhartha Pati Microchip Technology India UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1030 1/31/2025
Nikhil Patil SL America USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1011 2/25/2023
Anand Rangarajan Microchip Technology USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1024 9/30/2024
Paul Robertson GHSP USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1012 2/25/2023
Anjana Priya Sistla Microchip Technology India UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1020 8/31/2024
Glenn Thibodeau Veoneer USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1013 2/25/2023
Ronny Tittoto Microchip Technology Srl Italy UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1018 7/31/2024
Iiro Valkonen Microchip  Finland UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1027 9/30/2024
Tim Wilson Microchip Technology USA UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1021 8/31/2024
Saturn Wu Microchip  Taiwan UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1028 11/30/2024
Toshiro Yoshioka UL Japan UL-CCSP-Auto CSPAuto1017 9/28/2023

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