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Streamline Your Wind Energy Assessments to Make Faster Decisions

The new Renewable Resource Assessment Platform combines methods, data, software and steps required to perform energy yield assessments, helping users quickly determine which wind projects to develop and/or invest in.

Renewable Resource Assessment Platform displayed on computer screen

This webinar will help you gain a better understanding of the Renewable Resource Assessment Platform (RRAP) from UL Solutions. This new platform reduces the time it takes to perform energy yield assessments and generate reports so you can make faster decisions about which projects to develop and/or invest in.

Webinar date

July 18, 2023


Rahul Bhosale
Nadeen Abdelhamid

Make faster decisions.

RRAP streamlines the wind energy assessment process, allowing users to:

  • View wind speeds, statistics and project sites on a map-based interface
  • Import wind resource grids
  • Analyze site data
  • Define turbine layouts and power curves
  • Define losses and calculate energy production

RRAP integrates the methods our experts use and harnesses powerful software and data tools to help save hours of time. 

  • View wind speed data and import wind resource grids from Windnavigator.
  • Analyze and perform quality control for meteorological tower (met) data with features from Windographer.
  • Perform wake modeling, adjust met masts and define energy capture analysis with capabilities from Openwind.

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