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Report or Procedure Document Revisions

How to submit changes to reports or procedure documents

Obtain a copy of the existing document via CDA; retain the name of the file that is downloaded from CDA.

Electronic report and procedure document attachments will be in a rich text format (.rtf). Retain this format, as it is a universal word processing format and must be uploaded as such into UL Solutions' systems.

Turn on the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word:

  • Under Tools, select Track Changes.
  • Select Highlight Changes.
  • Select Track Changes while editing (all three boxes should be checked).
  • Select Options and make sure they are set as follows (these are the default settings):
  • Once the above is set and saved in the Word settings the first time, a shortcut alternative is to double-click the ‘TRK’ item in the bottom toolbar in Word to turn on the Track Changes feature. This acts as a toggle button; double-click again to turn off the feature.

Make the desired changes. It is not necessary to change the revised date on the page being revised, since UL Solutions staff will do this for you. However, if desired, enter the revision date in ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd).

Save the document, retaining the original document name as provided on CDA; close. Do not combine content groups (such as combining the description and test record), because this creates more work for both clients and UL Solutions.

Submit the documents to your usual UL Solutions contact.