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Packaging for Electrical and Electronic Products

Join UL Solutions experts to learn the benefits of taking a holistic approach to electrical and electronic products packaging and considering its key aspects: chemical safety, performance and sustainability.

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Watch Now: Packaging for Electrical and Electronic Products

During this webinar, our experts will guide you through the benefits of taking a holistic approach to the safety, quality, performance and sustainability of your products’ packaging. We will discuss key considerations, including global chemical regulations, performance and physical-mechanical testing and sustainability.

Webinar date: July 7, 2022

Silvia Lai, global technical and regulatory expert, UL Solutions
Maria José Monteagudo Arrebola, sustainability expert, UL Solutions


Packaging is an essential component of any product and requires the same level of attention as the product itself, as it is necessary to protect the performance, safety and security of your product. Inattention to achieving appropriate packaging can result in product loss, customer complaints, high costs for excess packaging materials. Shipping electrical and electronic products in safe, high-quality and sustainable packaging require an understanding of many critical aspects.

Learning objectives:
  • Key chemical regulations and requirements regarding the safety and quality of your packaging.
  • The benefits of ISTA testing to assess the security of goods and help mitigate product loss (reduce customer complaints during transit, and reduce packaging materials and cost while protecting your products).
  • Amazon APASS and ISTA 6 certification of products as frustration-free packaging (FFP), ships-in-own-container (SIOC) or prep-free packaging (PFP).
  • Sustainable packaging: How to improve the environmental impact and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • How UL Solutions can help.


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