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Maintaining Your Plastics Certification

Demonstrate continued compliance of plastics materials and the benefits of being a UL Recognized Component supplier in today’s competitive global market.

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To help ensure that UL Certification standards are upheld, UL’s Follow-Up Services verifies properties for the life of every UL Certified product on the market.

UL’s Follow-Up Services is built into the initial certification process. With regular inspections and sample testing, UL’s Follow-Up Services helps monitor that products continue to meet requirements for safety and performance, allowing the manufacturer to continue marketing products with the UL Mark.

This webinar reviewed how to maintain plastics recognition following initial certification. The discussion included:

  • The marking requirements for plastic materials and how to identify if a plastic material has been certified
  • A review of the main components of UL’s Follow-Up Services, including inspections, sample collection and testing
  • Latest developments with regard to sample selection and visibility in the myUL® Client Portal 


Luigi Flaugnatti, project engineer, UL

Webinar date

Nov. 16, 2021

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Maintaining Your Plastics Certification

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