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The Key Regulatory Aspects of Medical Wearables You Should Consider

Gain insights into the key regulatory requirements for medical wearables.

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Medical wearables are a fast-growing segment for the healthtech market. Gain insights into the regulatory requirements for this new product category.

Designed to track and collect the data from the user's personal health and exercise habits, medical wearables are a fast-growing segment for the health-tech market. In this webinar, experts share valuable information on medical wearables starting with their definition, classifications and clinical evaluation.

Join UL experts to:

  • Explore the latest regulatory requirements for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)  for medical devices
  • Gain insight into wireless, radio and human exposure requirements for European Union, U.S. and Canada
  • Learn how UL can guide you through the current regulatory requirements and available testing for your wearable medical devices


Joaquin Gomez Serrano works as an electromagnetic compatibility and wireless specialist in the Consumer Technology division of UL and has over five years of research and development and certification experience in wireless products.

Paul Lovell works as a Staff Engineer in the Health Sciences Regulatory Group with a background that includes work as the Certification Decision Maker at the UL Notified Body (NB) and Regional Lead Reviewer, Europe for MMS (Medical Management Systems).

Webinar overview

  1. Introduction to medical wearables
  2. Regulatory requirements for medical wearable products
  3. Regulatory requirements for wireless medical wearables
  4. What UL can do for you

Additionally, the webinar features a Q&A session that answers questions, such as:

  • Do I need to certify my product against FCC if I already use an FCC-certified wireless module in my medical wearable device?
  • Do Bluetooth applications need to be registered in Bluetooth SIG?

There are numerous opportunities for innovation in the wearables space. UL offers comprehensive wearables testing and certification services and services to help you meet applicable testing requirements of less-regulated wellness devices.