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GPA Global Takes Carbon Reduction to the Next Level with UL Solutions

GPA launched an initiative to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of their manufacturing sites to take their sustainability efforts to the next level.

GPA global manufacturing site

GPA Global, a company that specializes in custom product presentation centered on bespoke packaging and displays, has been committed to sustainability since its formation in 2007. Through such initiatives as supporting community horticulture projects and sourcing environmentally preferred materials in their products, sustainability has always been part of the way GPA does business. To take their efforts to the next level, GPA launched an initiative to measure the carbon footprint of their manufacturing sites and provide recommendations on how the footprint can be reduced. 

The initiative was piloted in 2018, with the calculation of the carbon footprint of a single factory in Shenzhen, China. The pilot was launched by UL Solutions’ Environment and Sustainability division, providing support from activity coordination, data collection and carbon footprint calculation. The outcome of the pilot was a robust carbon footprint report and capability development across all participants.

Using the learnings from the 2018 pilot, GPA significantly expanded the carbon footprint program in 2019 to include numerous manufacturing sites across Greater China. Since then, GPA has continued to work with UL Solutions to equip teams at each manufacturing site with an understanding of carbon management processes through a purpose-built online tool — UL Solutions’ Turbo Carbon™ — that enables efficient capability development, data collection and emissions calculation. GPA has made this holistic approach to support the adoption of carbon management a routine part of their everyday business model.

In an effort to expand their sustainability commitment, GPA has been working to replicate this carbon approach across such environmental dimensions as waste and water management and product recyclability.

“Simply asking our manufacturing sites to report their carbon footprint would have generated uncertain results. From day one, we have taken the approach of empowering our manufacturers to accurately measure and effectively manage their footprint. This way, the teams involved internalize the benefits of carbon management.”
  • Robin Argyrou, Operations Director
  • GPA Global

How UL Solutions helped GPA Global measure and manage their carbon footprint

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