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First European Process Claim for ICPs with UL Verification Mark

The subject of this Verification was Siemens’ marketing claim, “Application solution exceeds the design requirements of ANSI/UL 508A and NFPA 79.”

Up close detail of industrial control panel


Industrial control panel (ICP) manufacturers exporting panels to North America are often challenged with design uncertainties regarding the electrical door interlock and relevant standard and regulation requirements according to UL 508A, the Standard for Industrial Control Panels, and NFPA 79, the Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery.

Siemens AG has developed a process solution that helps integrate its electrical door interlock products into an ICP system at the panel shop site, following the standards mentioned above. As these application solutions are not a full product – and, as such, are not subject to a UL certification – Siemens needed a way to have this process solution evaluated by a third-party to demonstrate that their marketing claim is true.

"With the UL Verified solution from Siemens, we gain certainty about local authorities’ acceptance in North America, as well as trust by our clients, about the safety and reliability guaranteed by the use of the electrical door interlock solutions in our control panels."

  • Ralf Linker, head of engineering, E-MSR, at CTMT
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Case Study: First European Process Claim for Industrial Control Panels with UL Verification Mark

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Case Study: Erster europäischer Marketing-Claim für industrielle Steuerschränke mit UL-Prüfzeichen

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