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Fire and Security Service Solutions for Authorities Having Jurisdiction

We offer advisory services, educational opportunities, resources and technical solutions to help you discover and implement ways to improve the reliability of fire alarm systems.

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We offer technical and advisory services to code authorities, law enforcement, insurance companies and other stakeholders looking to discover effective ways to improve the reliability of alarm systems. From discovery to concept to implementation to maintenance, our fire safety experts will work closely with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of our program.  

Specifically, our program provides authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) with detailed information about any certificated alarm system within their jurisdiction. For an alarm system to be certificated, a UL Listed alarm company must issue a UL certificate. The UL certificate is the alarm company’s declaration that the alarm system is installed, maintained, tested and monitored according to the most recent applicable codes and standards. 

What does the UL certificate mean to an AHJ?

When an alarm system is issued a UL certificate, an AHJ can be confident that:

  • The alarm system was installed by a UL Listed alarm company and is in compliance with applicable codes and standards.
  • The alarm system’s equipment is UL Listed and is installed per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The alarm system is serviced and maintained by a UL Listed alarm company in compliance with nationally recognized codes and standards. 
  • Service elements — signal monitoring, retransmission, runner service and record-keeping — comply with the UL Standards and applicable nationally recognized codes.
  • The UL Listed alarm company’s continued compliance is verified by UL’s technical experts.
Did you know?
  • More than 1,000 companies throughout North America have UL central station listings.
  • Approximately 25,000 fire alarm systems across the U.S. have active UL certificates. 
  • Many code authorities experience a reduction in false alarms after requiring UL certification and/or central station service.

It is easy for a jurisdiction to begin requiring certificates.

  • In the jurisdictions that require all central station alarm systems to have a UL certificate, only a few simple steps were added to their plan review process in order to verify the issuance of a UL certificate.
  • Our alarm system experts work with jurisdictions to verify that certificates are issued and maintained. 
  • If a jurisdiction experiences problems with an alarm system that holds a UL certificate, our experts follow up on these concerns and work directly with the alarm company to correct any discrepancies in a timely manner.
  • Codes require central stations to be listed — The International Fire Code and Uniform Fire Code require fire alarm systems in specific applications to be monitored by an approved supervising station in accordance with NFPA 72. Fire code authorities often require these systems to be monitored by UL Listed central stations, which is consistent with requirements written in NFPA 72, Section 26.3.3.
  • Fire authorities can use the code to require UL certificates on central station systems — Fire authorities can do this by enforcing NFPA 72, Section This section requires alarm system compliance documentation from the organization listing the station. A UL Central Station Fire Alarm Certificate satisfies this requirement.


  • Our Fire and Security Service Solutions team has collaborated with AHJs in both the fire and security industries to develop a program that works for all stakeholders. 
  • We help bridge the gap between the alarm company, the AHJ and the alarm system subscriber by promoting transparency and facilitating communication. 
  • AHJs that take advantage of our Fire and Security Service Solutions program have peace of mind that alarm systems in their jurisdiction are installed, serviced, maintained and monitored in accordance with nationally recognized codes and standards.
  • AHJs have access to complementary educational resources and materials for distribution in their communities.   
  • AHJs requiring alarm service certification are given access to AlarmHUBTM, our certificate Verification application, where they can quickly and easily verify certificates in their jurisdiction.
  • AHJs interested in community outreach resources can utilize UL’s Safety Smart program designed to teach children effective safety practices in several areas, including fire safety, internet safety, water safety, home safety, etc. 

Solutions to improve ongoing compliance of fire alarm systems

The series is tailored to both code authorities and alarm service companies interested in learning the framework of building code, fire code and NFPA 72 monitoring, maintenance and service requirements for supervising station fire alarm systems.

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Educational resources and materials

Throughout the process of implementing third-party alarm system certification, it is important that AHJs have the support of their communities. The following materials and resources were created by our technical experts to help AHJs explain the value of UL’s Fire Alarm Certification program. The resources below are free to download and are intended for community distribution.

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