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Essential Updates to Machine Safety Standards

Help improve safety in your facility.

Operator in factory testing robot machine

Essential updates to machine safety standards

Learn about the latest machine safety concepts and recent changes to ANSI B11 safety standards.

Factories are increasingly automated, complex and pressed for efficiency. At the same time, increased injury costs and legal penalties push safety requirements to new levels.

This webinar introduces the latest machine safety concepts and highlights recent changes to ANSI B11 safety standards. We start by explaining basic principles for machine safety and minimum safety requirements for fixed industrial machines in the United States. Then, we move beyond the basics to provide an overview of the latest ANSI machine safety standards, including ANSI B11.0-2020 and ANSI B11.19-2019. This webinar includes a summary of machine risk assessment and ANSI B11.0 (similar to ISO 12100), plus new requirements and considerations. We will also provide a summary of ANSI B11.19 and risk reduction measures such as safeguarding, control reliability and safety devices. 

This informative webinar will help equip you with useful information to help you improve safety at your facility today. 


  • John Kovacik, PE, principal engineer for machinery
  • Ken Hackworth, PE, functional safety engineer

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