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Complimentary Wind Speed Maps

Wind resource maps and their corresponding data serve as the precursors to prospecting and early-stage feasibility studies in wind project development.

A world wind speed map

Preliminary prospecting with high-resolution wind maps and data

Wind resource maps and their corresponding data can fill critical needs at several stages in wind project development. They support site prospecting and early-stage feasibility studies, help evaluate alternative project sites and provide the basis for preliminary or advanced plant design and energy production estimates.

UL Solutions is an industry leader in the science and application of resource mapping and modeling. Our emphasis on high-resolution modeling using the most advanced methods and extensive validation means you can use our wind maps and data to help you make sound decisions about the future of your wind project. Some key benefits of our maps and data include:

  • High-resolution difference, offering  200 m and 50 m data 
  • UL Solutions proprietary modeling approach – More than 4,000 meteorological towers around the world validate the Mesomap System.
  • Utilize the same data and tools our experts use.

You can access maps, corresponding data used to prospect and site, and design wind projects through the Windnavigator platform.

Download complimentary wind resource maps

The downloadable, complimentary wind maps on this page represent regions of interest that we have mapped as a value for customers to provide a general understanding of the wind resource. However, they are not intended for project design.

For further information on wind project design and other wind energy advisory services, contact our energy services team.


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