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Canadian Field Evaluation Requirements for Gas-Fired Equipment

Learn about Canadian Gas Code B149.3-20 and how UL can help you get your gas-fired equipment field approved for the new version of the code in a timely manner.

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The Canadian Gas Code B149.3 specifies the minimum requirements for all fuel-related components to ensure the safety for gas-fired equipment, while addressing potential hazards to the public and property. UL’s Field Evaluation includes an assessment of the compliance to the mandatory constructional requirements, as well as the witness of critical safety devices function tests, and the final inspection at the site of installation.

While Field Evaluation is not meant to replace regular certification, we designed this program specifically for gas-fired equipment that is one of a kind and for gas-fired equipment that is produced in limited quantities and not covered under the scope of a full certification standard.

This on-demand webinar will provide an overview of the latest version of Canadian Gas Code B149.3 requirements. We will discuss the changes from the 2015 version and new items in the 2020 version of the code. The webinar also explains how you can leverage our expertise to expedite field approval for your gas-fired equipment in Canada.

Learning objectives:

  • Overview of Canadian Gas Code B149.3-20 requirements
  • Discuss changes in the 2020 version of the B149.3-20 Code
  • Overview of UL’s Field Evaluation program for gas-fired equipment

On-Demand Webinar: Canadian Field Evaluation Requirements for Gas-Fired Equipment

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