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Our industry-leading software enables you to import, analyze and visualize wind resource data quicker and easier than ever before.

Wind energy analyst sitting at computer working on Windographer software.

Windographer uses cutting-edge technology to analyze wind resource data measured by met tower, sodar or lidar. Our software is unique, because it has the ability to quickly import data from a variety of different formats allowing for rapid quality control and statistical analyses, including MCP. Plus, Windographer has the functionality to export data to almost any wind flow model that is commonly used within the wind power industry.

Windographer enables you to

  • Access data quickly — import sodar, lidar or met tower data instantly.
  • Visualize your data with fast, sophisticated and interactive graphs
  • Improve data quality — identify, flag and filter problems
  • Perform advanced analysis
  • Create professional output with customized or standard reporting

Learn more about Windographer software including demonstrations, editions and pricing.

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