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Vaccination Tracker for COVID-19

Complimentary to use and easy to implement SaaS solution for the management and tracking of your COVID-19 vaccination program.

Gloved hand holding a vaccine vial and syringe

*Currently only available to organizations in the United States

Do you need a simple software solution for tracking your COVID-19 vaccination program?

UL’s complimentary vaccination tracker is an easy to implement vaccination management program that has been developed as part of our COVID-19 response and supported offerings.

Suitable for companies looking for a streamlined but scalable software solution that has everything you need to start your program quickly without the need for manual spreadsheets. 

UL’s COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker is a limited feature version of PureOHS Compliance Management module.

Back to work

You can use this digital tool to manage and record vaccinations at your workplace to help with your back to work and safe working initiatives


UL’s software solution can also support compliance to regulatory requirements for companies that are vaccinating themselves.

Screenshot of the COVID-19 tracker tool vaccination compliance dashboard

Future ready

Take advantage of this free software to get you going with the option to scale up to the premium PureOHS and be ready for the future.  

Suitable for: 

  • Rural hospitals and clinics
  • Companies with on-site clinics or nurses
  • Businesses with vaccination programs
Covid tracker screenshot

Mobile friendly

Are you vaccinating on the go? You can take UL’s Vaccination Tracker with you because our EHS software supports a mobile-friendly experience.


  • Documented COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Tracked compliance for COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Everyone added to the system is enrolled in the COVID-19 compliance program.
  • Compliance listed on reports and dashboards
  • Limited reports focused on vaccinations and compliance
  • Single user role for all users
  • Mobile friendly

Get Started on the COVID 19 Vaccination Tracker

UL’s COVID 19 Vaccination Tracker is a limited feature version of PureOHS Compliance Management module that also includes Case Management, Employee and Supervisor Views, and Incident Management modules.

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