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Certification Requirement Changes

Standards writing organizations routinely assess the efficacy and relevance of their standards. Get to know the process surrounding maintaining product compliance with regulatory standards.

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Standards writing organizations routinely assess the efficacy and relevance of their standards. These regulatory updates can reflect changes in industry practices, innovations in technology or target recently identified safety issues. Staying informed on updates to standards allows you to make timely decisions so that your products can maintain compliance — that’s where UL Solutions can help.

When a standard is updated, customers with affected products will receive a notification from UL Solutions. You will receive a Certification Requirement Change Announcement letter that includes your file number, the related standard, a summary of the new or revised requirements that impact your product’s certification, the effective date of the new or revised requirements, other important dates and a point of contact to help you work through these changes. While the letter will indicate if your product needs to be reevaluated, no action will be needed from you at the time of receipt. 

If the letter indicates that reevaluation may be needed, we will review your file to confirm if your product(s) require action to comply with the updated requirements. We will communicate the results of this review to you in a Status Letter that outlines the status of your product(s) and contains further instructions. It will also detail the effective date and product submittal cutoff date for submitting requested samples or information needed for reevaluation to maintain certification.

Certification Requirement Change Announcement letters and Status Letters are communicated through the myUL® Client Portal. myUL® is a secure source that gives you an enhanced level of access to your project files, such as product information, documents and services. View the myUL Client Portal or register today.


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