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Air Duct Company Sees UL Certification as Product Advantage

Customers see an advantage with products certified to UL 181, one of the most globally recognized air duct fire standards accepted in the Middle East.

Air ventilation ducts

The Middle East has changed rapidly over the last several decades, building monumental cities on the sand. In these cities, one of the most crucial building components is the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system that makes the interior climate comfortable and suitable for living.

Kingspan Insulation LLC, with its regional headquarters located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a market leader in manufacturing pre-insulated air ducts for the region. But a focus only on quality is not enough in a region with so many suppliers. To provide reassurance to the customers, Kingspan wanted its products to be certified. They worked with UL Solutions, putting their ductwork products through 13 rigorous tests to meet the qualifications for UL 181, the Standard for Factory-Made Air Ducts and Air Connectors. The UL Certification Mark on air ducts represents compliance with UL 181, one of the most globally recognized air duct standards accepted in the Middle East.

Sarmad Fakhri, managing director at Kingspan Insulation LLC, said “Pre-insulated phenolic ductwork has seen an increase in use and is often preferred due to its fast fabrication and installation on time-sensitive projects. Another reason for its popularity is superior airtightness resulting in increased energy savings as compared to traditional ductwork.” He adds, “UL 181 Listed pre-insulated phenolic ductwork is compliant with the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code, which is a collective responsibility on the part of consultants, contractors and the developers to ensure the correct product is specified and installed on site.”  

Kingspan actively promotes its air ducts in the region and works with local code authorities to establish the correct codes and standards within the HVAC industry. They are also instrumental in developing the new fabricator program within the UL 181 Standard that has been recently released.

UL Solutions also lists Kingspan products on the UL Product iQ™ database, which lists UL certification data on products, components and systems, providing further marketing opportunities throughout the Middle East and beyond. As the Middle East continues its rise, Kingspan will be there, keeping buildings comfortable and positioned for success.

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