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Pipes and Fittings for Use in Fire Sprinkler Systems

We can help you make the world a safer place by testing and certifying the most critical components of your fire suppression system.

Fire sprinkler pipe system in a parking garage


Ensuring that the fire safety systems in a commercial property are functioning properly is a critical responsibility of any building owner. Not only can these systems protect your building from irreparable damage, they can save of the lives of the people inside them.

To meet this responsibility, it’s important that your pipes and fittings are tested and certified, not just the sprinklers themselves, because they can affect your entire system’s operation and performance.

That’s why we’ve designed a testing service that specifically evaluates fittings, including adjustable drop nipples, flexible sprinkler hose fittings, pipes and pipe hanger equipment, to determine their suitability and durability for use in water-based fire suppression system piping.

During these tests, pipe and fitting assemblies are subjected to performance tests, such as leakage, hydrostatic pressure, low temperature and bending. Thermoplastic pipe and fitting assemblies are also subjected to extended-term hydrostatic pressure tests and assembling tests. Systems intended for exposed installations are subjected to fire exposure tests while pipe hanger devices are subjected to pull (load) tests.


As an industry leader in fire safety, we can help you reduce time to market by offering flexible services that can meet any testing need, big or small. We have access to state-of-the-art testing facilities and a highly experienced technical team. Our extensive code knowledge in the arena of fire safety is the reason why the UL Mark is immediately recognized and respected by professionals around the world.

Why UL

As a trusted leader in fire safety testing, our certification services offer several advantages to anyone working within the fire suppression industry. We have the resources and knowledge to serve as your single-source provider for research, testing and standards development. Working with one team, in one place, means that we’ll get your equipment certified in the most efficient way possible — saving you time and money during the process.

Learn more at UL Knowledge Solutions - Pipes and Fittings for Use in Fire-Service Systems.

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